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Mia & Nikki


We met in 2007 at the school parent craft group, where an immediate friendship blossomed.  An opportunity arose to co-ordinate this wonderful group so we jumped in feet first so this inspiring craft space could continue to flourish.  After 4  years it was time for Nikki to return to Melbourne so we decided to take our love of fleece and create time4craft.  We are committed to using high quality natural materials, hand dyed felt and original kit designs.  We have been able to work together as a dynamic team and inspire women to come together and create beautiful hand crafted Waldorf / Steiner inspired creations for themselves, school and for their own children.

Mia co-ordinates the Gold Coast crafty crew while Nikki co-ordinates the Melbourne craft lovers, where we continue to collaborate in all our crafty endeavours.


Nikki Fletcher


Nikki completed her BA in contemporary dance at the Victorian College of the Arts (where she continues currently as a sessional lecturer). She went on to work as a dance performer in companies like Tasdance and Dance Works. She  co-founded, directed and choreographed dance company Catch Cry and studied dance improvisation with Al Wonder and contiues to improvise to this dayat events such as 5 rythmn dance sessions. During that time Nikki worked on numerous community arts projects ( Phillip Island environmental projects), artists in schools ( Montegue Continuing Education Centre for interlectually handicapped teenagers) and outdoor theatre events including The Feild ( international Europeansummer festival tour) and the Woodford fire event directed by Neil Cameron (over 10 years.

Nikki met her lovely husband Rob studying Shiatsu and Japanese acupuncture and were blessed with 2 beautiful kids. Soon after, they moved from their home in Melbourne to the Gold Coast to spend 4 years caring for her brother in laws 3 orphaned teenagers till they all came of age. During that time she met Mia and a wonderful friendship and working relationship flourished. 

Nikki has since returned to Melbourne and has devoted herself to teaching craft workshops whilst continuing her creative and business relationship with Mia. She has completed her Certificate of Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education at The Michael Centre, Warranwood and the Steiner Craft Curriculum course at Sophia Mundi in Abbotsford. She currently teaches craft technique workshops for both of these courses. Recently she has been sharing her passion for craft with early childhood educators, primary school teachers, parents and more recently children. She currently works at Little Sophia Steiner Kindergarten, runs weekend craft workshops for women , a weekly craft session for mums and toddlers from her Preston craft Studio and a monthly Family Crafting Workshops with Carol Liknaitzky in Northcote and St Kilda as well as studying for her Diploma of Education part time.



Mia Faulks


Hello and Welcome!

I am a soulful mumma of 2 gorgeous girls and have been married to my soul mate now for 20 years.  Together we encourage our family to be environmentally aware, creative, and confident and to make sustainable choices. We have recently moved to a small acreage property where we have been able to let our love of the earth run free.  Chickens roam free amongst the many fruit trees, while assisting with our very own permaculture garden.   I am also president of our local community garden and strive to support and encourage the wider community and help educate and bring awareness to sustainable living.  This is also an amazing space where we hold markets giving the locals an opportunity to share their passion whether it is craft, cooking, jewellery, soap or any of their handmade or home grown goodies.

My other passion for life is to make and create from beautiful natural fibres.  The satisfaction of a completed project, whether it is hand-stitching, felting, colour dyeing, beading, sewing and designing ignites the fire within me.  I love to teach and inspire people to create craft that stimulates early childhood learning while nurturing their own desire to create and enhance their very own unique style.  I am very much inspired by the native Australian animals, which reflects in some of my work. 

I LOVE bringing together natural and organic communities, in love with our earth and pleasantly inspired by Waldorf and Steiner education, where I share my knowledge and passion while also being enriched by their creative environment. I truly hope you enjoy time4craft and look forward to being able to bring out the craft in you.




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